Ever since I was a little girl in Texas, I wanted to grow up to have a farm way out in the country. I wanted to have LOTS of animals and grow a big garden. Perhaps not the "loftiest" goal in the universe, but it felt right to me. God gave me a passion for His Earth, clean water, open spaces, and the sounds of nature way out in the country. It makes for a good night's sleep with the windows open and the breeze gently flowing.

Some 50 years and three farms later, Second Wind has emerged as my life's dream come true. Through a series of devastating events, the Lord worked His miracles in my life and allowed me to realize my dreams ! (Rms. 8:28) Funny how we sometimes stand in our own way and work our own "plan" I did that for years ! When I finally decided to Let Go/ Let God !!!.....it all fell into place.

A lot of people say American Bulldogs cannot swim. This has NOT been my experience at all ! I take my puppies to the creek starting at 9 weeks old and let them follow the older, more experienced adults into the water. Before you know it, and at their own pace, the little ones are readily swimming with tons of self-confidence !

Second Wind is a small farm operation in the heart of the Ozarks. I live at the end of the road, a mile from the gravel and another mile to the pavement, adjoining Mark Twain National Forest. It is truly God's country on a year-round basis ! Four distinct seasons allow my farm-raised dogs and puppies to acclimate well to a NATURAL environment.

The soon-to-be-mommies are moved into the climate-controlled maternity room two weeks before their due date. This allows them to settle-in and be relaxed for the coming births. The newborns remain there in the whelping box with mommy until they open their eyes and really begin to move around. This is GENERALLY around 10-14 days old. At that point, the front panel comes off the whelping box and the pups are allowed free-range of the maternity room. THEIR WORLD JUST GOT LARGER !!

When the newborns are 4 weeks old, they are moved to the front maternity room where they have free access to the outdoors via their doggie-door.

The puppies can leave the farm for their NEW homes at 8 weeks of age. At that time, they will be up-to-date on all their shots (age appropriate), also up-to-date on their deworming. They will have a vet check , with written certificate, from my licensed veterinarian. They will be bathed often here at home and have their nails clipped and their ears cleaned often, also. This "imprinting" prepares the pup for the continuance of grooming without stress.

Our dogs are not caged!!! They have open-door runs, each with their own fenced-in yards so they can run, play, roll in the grass, and smell like Mother Nature. The puppies are moved to the "puppy yard" at weaning. This gives them a leg-up on learning to go to the bathroom outdoors naturally!

THIS IS MY GOAL.....to place my puppies in wonderful, caring, loving homes where they will be VERY WELL taken care of and taken to the vet regularly so they are able to reach their full potential in health, love and happiness for all involved !!!