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One spring afternoon in 2005, I was visiting my neighbor who raises American Bulldogs. I was attempting to recover from a devastating life change and actually, I went to her house for a sympathetic ear. When I was leaving, I walked past a litter of young puppies playing in the front yard. I commented, "I am a FOOL for a puppy !!!!"Within seconds, she reached into the mound of pups and handed me a beautiful male. She said, "I want you to take this puppy and plant him as a seed. Grow him into your dreams!! Be happy again. I miss your smile."

Seeder was my very first male American Bulldog. His trademark eye patches showed up on almost all his offspring, as did his one brindle spot at the base of his tail. Seeder helped me to heal, taught me to love again, brought out the best in me, and gave me a goal. Seeder saved my life, my sanity, and my spirit. He, and the Lord above, gave me my SECOND WIND.

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Ever since I was a little girl in Texas, I wanted to grow up to have a farm way out in the country. I wanted to have LOTS of animals and grow a big garden.

AB Traits/Characteristics

The American Bulldog breed standard describes two types of American Bulldogs...



The American Bulldog is considered a healthy breed. Owners should maintain a schedule of examinations and vaccinations as recommended by their veterinarian.



Grooming your American Bulldog can be a pretty easy task. This breed does not need to be bathed often, only occasional baths when they become dirty. Regular brushing will help keep their coat clean and shiny.



The American Bulldog is an athlete. For puppies, owners will need to practice non-impact exercises to decrease possible bone and joint damage. As adults, they need a range of activities.



Early socialization and puppy training classes are vital in channeling the American Bulldog's energy. Rules and routines should be put in place early and adhered to as dogs grow up.



American Bulldog puppies should be fed a large-breed puppy food for the first 14 months of their life in order to ensure slow and steady growth. We recommend Dr. Pol Chicken Recipe for Active Adults and Growing Puppies.



The American Bulldog is a powerfully built dog whose original function was that of a farm utility dog and family companion and protector. The American Bulldog is thought to have been in the United States as early as the 1700s.



We guarantee puppies to be healthy at time of purchase


We guarantee the puppies will be up-to-date on all current shots (age appropriate), and also on their deworming

Certified Vet Check

They will have a vet check , with written certificate, from my licensed veterinarian.

Genetic Guarantee

We guarantee against THESE serious genetic defects: heart, lungs, kidneys until 12 months of age for our full price registered * puppies.

Hernia Guarantee

All hernias (naval & inguinal) will be repaired before leaving if found by my veterinarian. Hernia repairs & weak knees do not warrant return of puppy, as it is not life threatening


In order for your health guarantee to be VALID, you MUST take puppy to their vet within 3 working days of receiving your puppy for a general health check! If any life threatening health problems are found at the time of exam, puppy needs to be returned immediately with a written statement from your vet as to the problem and a description of the puppy.

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